DO - Dream On

photography for socials

2023 September

Social photographs for Dream On, an escape into nature.

Dauwtrip Hemelbed


2023 August

Some photographs from ‘Hemelbed’, an ambient afternoon and evening organized by Dauwtrip.


social videos

2023 May

I filmed and edited some social videos for encountersproject.
Click the stills below to view the videos on Instagram.

Videoclip OYESONO

music video

2022 Dec

Worked together with Billie Leyers & Jasper Maekelberg on a videoclip for the first single ‘FEEL IT COMING’ of OYESONO, released the 17th of May, 2023.
Click the stills below to view the video on Youtube.

An island called ‘De Muide’


2023 January

School assignment for postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK.

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