BEDTIJD, een podcast voor het slapengaan.


2023 November

This was my first assignment for KASK School of Arts. It is called ‘BEDTIJD’, which means ‘BEDTIME’ and I present it as ‘a podcast before bedtime’.

In this podcast, I invite a Flemish writer in each episode to read aloud the favorite children’s story from my guest in the previous episode. With each episode, I want to create an intimate and peaceful moment for my audience before they go to sleep.

In this first episode, my guest is Ken Van Roose aka ‘KRJ Tochthond’. He is a writer, musician, performer and storyteller.

In 2021 he made a cabaret show ‘De man die zijn eigen huisdier werd/The man who became his own pet’ and he also released a poetry bundle ‘Prozac & gezelschapsdieren/Prosac & pets’, together with Kimme Tigra.

Click here to listen.

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